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Data Recovery Training Course

Overview of Data Recovery Course

Computers are commonplace in homes & businesses worldwide. Data stored in storage media such as hard disks and flash disks are becoming the primary storage of important data. Failure of such storage media can affect organisations and individual seriously.


This 3-days data recovery training course aims to provide individuals with skills to retrieve data otherwise lost in the failure of the hardware.


The course will be conducted in 3 levels



Basic concepts of data recovery, use of common software for data recovery.



Above basic plus understanding of disk logical structure, including MFT, MBR, DBR and recovery using specialised data recovery tools.



Understanding firmware modules including PList, accessing and repairing firmware, in terminal modes, Rom modules and HOT Swap techniques.


Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for Individuals who are in the field of data management.
Persons concerned with data security and confidentiality, forensic computing and data recovery.
Persons interested in the business of data recovery.


Course entry requirements

Individuals should already have a good understanding of computers, operating systems and common software applications


Venue and Date

To be confirmed.


Terms & Conditions

Course will start with minimum members.
Fees are to be paid in advance and are non refundable, but may be substituted with another person.
Date and venue may be subjected to changes.
Limited Space available. Small Class for personal and intense attention.

Please email for more details