for Hard Disk and Files

We provide the following data recovery services; hard disk recovery and files recovery for your Hard Disk Drive, External Hard Disk, Thumb Drive, Flash Drive


Hard Disk which cannot be detected by your computer
Hard Disk which can be detected by your computer, but data cannot be read.
Disk fails to function and cannot start anymore
Dropped Hard disk
Clicking sounds can be heard


Files or Folders which are accidently deleted
Files on drive which are accidentally formatted
Files which are overwritten accidently with the same name.
Accidentally Formatted Hard Disk Whether Quick or Comprehensive formatted
Corrupted Outlook Express files- when your files or folders suddenly disappears and your Inbox becomes empty.


Erase all your data completely on your hard drive. Thoroughly delete and wipe off any remants of your deleted files. Destroy all important and personal information in your Hard disk before you dispose of your hard disk or old computer. Clean your Hard Drives Thoroughly scrub your Hard Drives of your deleted personal  information and deleted files before returning your notebooks to your company.

Email or call us for an urgent quotation. Our professional Data Recovery Engineer is online to understand your problems and provide professional advice to ease your mind. There is absolutely no pressure to use our services.